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As a family-owned drugstore, W&P Pharmacy, Inc in Pico Rivera, California greatly prioritizes your health. With this in mind, we provide high-quality medications and other health care products according to your needs. We offer them at discounted rates, so you can focus on your wellness without worrying about costs.

What We Offer

Look and feel good by using a wide selection of the best beauty products! These include facial creams, moisturizers, and more.

We hold a large inventory of vitamins from trusted brands. If you don’t see the ones you like in our pharmacy, you may also make a request and we will order them for you.

We also provide a vast range of Latin medications. For proper intake, our experienced pharmacists will help you better understand the instructions on the medicine’s label.

Protect your joints and other body parts from further pain or injury by wearing effective support equipment! We provide wrist stabilizers, elastic elbow braces, and more.

Treat any scar or discomfort by using our selection of superb ointments! Our offerings include scar gels and analgesic ointments, among others.

Recover from colds, cough, or any other common sickness with a variety of the finest prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications! Our pharmacy also provides flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Our Commitment

We always strive to provide superior-quality solutions that go beyond what you expect. Led by Johnny Pham, PharmD, our team of pharmacists and technicians will use their extensive industry knowledge and skills to bring you the excellent medicine you need. To guarantee your satisfaction, we will also stay efficient, dependable, and amiable in every service while establishing a family-like relationship with you as our customer.

Providing 10-Minute Prescriptions

As we value your time as much as ours, our pharmacists will always fill your prescriptions within 10 minutes or less. We can cut your waiting time, so you can carry on with your day.

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Rx Plans Accepted

We believe that every customer deserves quality and comprehensive patient care. With this, we accept all prescription plans from different providers. Apart from this, we also offer free prescription delivery for our patients.

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